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24 April 2012 at 10:10 - Posted by Anonymous

PigSpotter lashes out at e-tolls


Twitter celebrity, @Pigspotter, has lashed out against e-tolls, calling it “unconstitutional and a moneymaking scheme”.In an interview with looklocal, Cliff (@PigSpotter) said that foreign investors will rake in motorists’ hard earned money.

He does not support the initiative behind the tolls.

“We are being sucked dry by the government at every turn. Fuel charges have just jumped up dramatically. It is actually laughable,” Cliff said.

“Only 17cents to R1 will remain in South Africa to go towards government pensions,” he said.

“These highways existed for many years and the only changes made were the conversions of the centre islands to make one extra lane on either side,” he added.

Cliff added that motorists were “never informed that the highways would be tolled before 2010”.

“Why not just tax that one extra lane if they want to recoup the funds spent on the operation,” he said.

He predicts that the tolled highways would be less congested because middle and lower income household would not be able to afford the tolls.

“This in turn will force them to use back roads which will cause massive congestion along these routes. Perhaps then the N3 will be worth travelling on, because at the moment it is impossible to drive anywhere on the N3 during peak hours,” Cliff told the NEWS.

Although Cliff was not involved in the filing of court papers against the tolls, he hopes that it will have an impact on the implementation of, and ultimately the termination, of the tolls.

“If it does not put a stop to tolls, we will protest and cause as many problems as necessary for the government to wake up and smell the roses. We will let them know we are not happy about the situation and make them change the policies and scrap e-tolls,” Cliff said.

“The fact that they took absolutely no notice of our last protest irritates me to no end. It just goes to show how little or insignificant they think we are,” he said.

Has he registered for e-toll? “Most definitely not,” Cliff said.

He also encouraged others to not register and believes the average motorist has a chance of putting a stop to tolling.

“By standing united against the tolls we can win. We just need to get off our butts and take a stand,” Cliff said.

He is unsure of whether the tolls would have an effect on @Pigspotter and the service he provides to motorists but said that perhaps there would be fewer accidents to report on.

“But then again, the un-roadworthy taxis that cause most of the highway deaths will be free to roll on the e-toll highways because they are exempt from paying,” Cliff said.

He also hopes that the rumoured shut down of the highways today, April 25, will take place.

“I hope so and hope that during the shutdown a government official in a blue light brigade is extremely late for a critical appointment and gets stuck in that traffic for six hours. Then maybe they will take notice,” Cliff said.

He added that if the protests against the tolls do not work he foresees that the only other way for the government to take notice would be for the gantries to be vandalised.

“Burn them down,” Cliff said.


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