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08 March 2011 at 16:11 - Posted by Anonymous

Police caught on tape beating patrons up at Catz Pyjamas


The twitter world is all abuzz this evening with conversations about the CCTV footage captured by Catz Pyjamas' security cameras of alleged police officers beating patrons up inside the popular restaurant in Melville at 4.20am on Saturday.

The shocking visuals speak for themselves.
Owner of the restaurant, Natascha Coetzee, is quoted by as saying that one moment everyone was sitting relaxed and the next they were being screamed at to sit on the floor.
"They didn't ask to speak to me or the manager, they simply pulled clients off their chairs and assaulted some of them."
According to 12 men and one woman were arrested and transported to Brixton police station.
Although all 12 men were charged with resisting arrest the woman, Carmen Benjamin from Pretoria, was released without charges. spoke to SAPS spokesman warrant-officer Lorraine van Emmerik who allegedly confirmed that "the SAPS raided the restaurant because they were still open after 2am which is against the law. The police tried to close the place down but people interfered in their duties." Van Emmerik was unable comment on the video as she hadn't seen it.
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