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20 November 2012 at 12:27 - Posted by AfricaFinance

Q-Lab Announces Three New Products


WESTLAKE, Ohio - Tuesday, November 20th 2012 [ME NewsWire]

(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Q-Lab Corporation is pleased to announce the launch of three new exciting products in the field of weathering and light stability testing.

The Q-SUN Xe-2 xenon test chamber represents the newest standard in lightfastness testing. Featuring a rotating rack design, reliable air-cooling and a full range of optical filters for all major weathering standards, the Q-SUN Xe-2 tester is the simplest, most reliable and easiest to use rotating rack xenon arc tester available. The Xe-2 tester complements its industry-leading flat-array sibling, the Q-SUN Xe-3 test chamber.

Also being released is a new water repurification system for Q-Lab’s QUV and Q-SUN test chambers. Unlike competing systems that simply recirculate dirty water, Q-Lab’s advanced repurification system repurifies the water being used in the machine. This allows conservation of up to 1,000 liters of expensive, purified water per day. The system can pay for itself in a matter of months.

Q-Lab is also now offering replacement optical filters for Atlas water-cooled xenon arc weathering testers. Similar to Q-Lab’s water-cooled replacement xenon lamps for Atlas equipment, the quartz and boro-silicate optical filters from Q-Lab are lower in cost and guaranteed to have a comparable spectrum.

Discover more by visiting Q-Lab’s new website at, or by emailing their weathering experts at You will also learn why Q-Lab has become “The Most Trusted Name in Weathering”.


Q-Lab Corporation

Karin Strippel, 440-835-8700

Marketing Communications Specialist

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