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20 July 2011 at 12:51 - Posted by Anonymous

Residents kill crime


Florida Park 5 Residents’ Association – the group of residents who have declared war on criminals.

There is a neighbourhood where children can play in the streets and residents can sleep peacefully, assured of their safety.

Even though this might sound far-fetched, it is a sound reality for residents under the close watch of Florida Park 5 Residents’ Association – the group of residents who have declared war on criminals.

The determination of residents of Phoebe Crescent and its surrounds was clear on the cold and windy night of 30 June – the monthly meeting of Florida Park 5 Residents’ Association.

With the help of a special threat management company and with great support from Florida SAPS, the Florida Park 5 Residents’ Association has cut the crime rate to zero per cent in their neighbourhood since September last year.

Speaking about their zero-tolerance approach, the association’s spokesman, Fred Norman, says that should a bicycle get stolen from their area now, it will be too much.

"We have decided that enough is enough and that not even the smallest  crime is to be tolerated within our area," says Norman.

He thinks back to a time when residents of that section of Florida Park lived in fear.

"We had incidents where residents were held up with guns in their own homes and of armed robbery cases," says Norman.

What has changed?

The residents now use common unity to fight crime.

According to Norman, the majority of the residents of the surrounding streets – Adelaide Avenue, Wattle and Jan Scholtz streets – including Phoebe Crescent, gladly signed up with the association and this strengthened their crime-busting drive.

They also employed a company called Urban Threat Management, a private contractor specialising in urban control, crisis intervention and emergency management, who assists in keeping a watchful eye on criminal trends.

The key to their success is the way in which they operate – as a tight-knit family with nearly every resident watching out for the other.

It seems that these determined residents lead by example when it comes to resident participation within neighbourhoods, and it clearly works.

• Details: To find out more, contact Fred Norman on 084 777 0983.

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