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18 September 2012 at 13:43 - Posted by Anonymous

RM plc delivers innovative ebook system incorporating Microgen technology


LONDON - Tuesday, September 18th 2012


-- Microgen PLC (LSE:MCGN), whose software is used by leading global banks and digital media providers, today announced that RM plc (LSE : RM.) used Microgen Aptitude in the development of the back-office processing solution for RM Books, the first ebooks system designed specifically for schools. In this project, RM used its detailed domain knowledge of the education market to address the obstacles to ebook adoption in schools and leveraged the Microgen Aptitude application development platform to quickly and cost-efficiently develop the new solution.

Microgen Aptitude provided a development platform on which the back-office functions of the new system could be rapidly developed. Microgen Aptitude is used to process data from a multitude of publishers’ book catalogues, calculate pricing, manage customer data such as purchasing history and sales credits, and track the royalties payable on the content licensed as part of an ebook rental or purchase. Microgen Aptitude is used by some of the world’s leading digital media companies to manage the complexities of such applications and process the large transaction volumes often associated with these solutions.

“In launching RM Books it was important that we were able to develop it quickly and efficiently. The Aptitude product provides an enterprise development platform that allows effective collaboration between the business and the development team enabling significant efficiencies to be gained during the development process,” stated Dave Pearson, Director of Product Marketing, RM; “We are also confident that the high transaction processing capability of the product will allow us to scale the service in the future.”

“Many existing media providers struggle to deliver new innovative digital services because traditional application development approaches require enterprises to install expensive software and associated development teams. This approach is cost restrictive and as a result such projects are often viewed as being the exclusive domain of the large tech titans,” explains David Sherriff, Microgen CEO. “We are thrilled that RM selected Microgen Aptitude to be a key component of the RM Books system and that they delivered an innovative digital media platform in such a short period of time.”

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