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27 June 2011 at 09:30 - Posted by Anonymous

Road tolling here to stay


Gauteng's toll road system.

The Gauteng's e-toll system is here to stay and the proposed tariff of 66c/km for ordinary cars may not change, The Star reported on Monday.

This is according to the department of transport's steering committee report which was sent out to various organisations that publicly opposed the toll fees.

The SA National Roads Agency announced in February that it would start charging 66c/km at the 42 electronic toll gates erected on the N1, N3, N12, N17, R21 and R24. The tolls cover a distance of about 185km.

Concern was raised by businesses, labour and political parties, about the effect toll fees will have on the poor, the economy and alternative routes.

The report does not say what the toll tariffs will be but it defends the calculation used to determine the original tariff of 66c/km.

It defended the proposed tariff and, one by one, dismissed every proposal made by civil society organisations.

According to the daily newspaper the report went into detail on why the open tolling structure was decided on as the best strategy. There were also no recommendations or alternatives provided in the report.

The final decision on the e-tolling was expected at the end of next month. - Sapa

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