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25 June 2012 at 17:16 - Posted by Anonymous

Robber shot dead


A robber has been shot and killed in Cullinan after breaking into a lodge with two other men, police said.

His body was found in a field on Sunday, after the owner of the lodge fired several shots at the fleeing robbers, said police spokesperson Johannes Jaftha.

“The owner came across the three men after receiving a message in the early hours that someone was in the bar of the lodge. He fired at them as they fled.”

Jaftha said the owner and his employees waited for dawn to investigate where the men gained entry.

“It was in this process that they recovered a (man's) body,” he said.

“An MP3 player and other suspected stolen items, (taken) during a house robbery... committed at a nearby plot on Saturday, was found in his possession.”

The man had been linked to a series of house robberies in the area. - Sapa

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