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20 March 2012 at 22:28 - Posted by Anonymous

Robber shot while trying to break into house


The scene of the shoot-out where the firearm belonging to the robber lies close to the body.

At approximately 13:00 today a house robber tried to commit a crime that would ultimately lead to his death.

A man, who would like to remain anonymous, residing in Albertsdal, was in his garden giving instructions to his gardener when he briefly went into the house to check on something.

When the man returned to his unlocked security gate, he found four men, one of who was apparently armed, at the gate. It's still unclear exactly what happened but the man managed to get hold of his firearm and shot  the armed robber. The suspect was fatally injured and pronounced dead on the scene by ER 24 personnel.

The remaining suspects fled the scene and arrests are yet to be made. With the investigation still underway, the RECORD will keep our readers updated on any new information on the case.

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