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15 June 2011 at 13:07 - Posted by Anonymous

Rolex gangs have new trick


CCTV footage obtained by The Star of a Rolex gang stealing the Rolex and personal belongings of Benoni residents. A security expert believes the gangs have developed a new modus operandi.

They signed in at security. Then they went into the underground parking.

And there they awaited their victim.

And when the HR executive of food giant Tiger Brands alighted from her car in the Bryanston, Sandton, business premises, they hit, stealing her Rolex watch and her wedding ring.

This was at least the sixth Rolex robbery in just more than three weeks.

The woman does not want to be named for fear of further victimisation, but spoke to The Star about her traumatic experience.

A security expert believes the modus operandi in yesterday’s incident could be a new trick of the so-called Rolex gangs: first staking out their victim, then waiting for them at their destination to rob them.

The robbery is the second in just three weeks during which Rolex robbers have met their victims at their destination.

“They came at me from different directions. One walked up to me very calmly. The other came running from behind,” the woman said.

One of the men told her: “Do you see what I have in my hand? It’s a gun. We want your watch and your ring.”

Less than five minutes later, they had fled in their white Mercedes-Benz.

It appears the men signed in at security, pretending to visit internet service provider iBurst, which shares the premises with Tiger Brands, but then went to the parking lot.

“When I got there, they weren’t there. I parked and got out,” the woman said.

Then they approached.

She had thought it was the man who washes cars in their parking. “I didn’t click. I remember thinking ‘you don’t usually wear a balaclava.”

It was only when the men told her to get into her car and pass over her access card that she started to get scared.

“That’s when you think ‘are they going to take me? What if they rape me?’”

But they only took her access card.

“That’s how they got away. They went out very quickly and some people who had seen them said they bumped the curb as they turned out.”

She said the police got to the scene within five minutes.

Although she had heard of Rolex robberies in the past, she didn’t imagine she would be attacked.

“Usually, when I take walks at home with my children, I take my ring and watch off.

“My watch was not a flashy one. It did not have diamonds. You wouldn’t know it was a Rolex. I’m not a jewellery person. I only wore my wedding ring and my Rolex. But I guess you draw attention when you wear those types of watches.

“It seems they were coming for something very specific. There were people coming in. I had followed people into the parking lot, so I was not alone.”

The woman’s gut feeling is that someone inside was involved in the robbery.

“They knew exactly where I parked. In the morning you are distracted. Going home at night you are more vigilant, but you don’t expect something like this to happen to you going to the office.” – The Star

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