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09 November 2011 at 15:23 - Posted by cynx

Safety and Security Initiative-SOUTH AFRICA



Good day
Recently I approached the community service centre of the SOUTH AFRICAN POLICE which made an appearance at the GATEWAY MALL.I told them i had an idea,of which I was asked to tell them about it which was creating a safer community for all in SOUTH AFRICA.

I explained to them that with the high crime rate we understand that the POLICE cannot be everywhere at the same time,but what if there was a way to manage and help people in distress.Their reply was there is no budget but I said this doesnt really require a huge budget to put in place and so they said  they really liked my idea and if I had sufficient names it would be possible.

Many of us who are fortunate can afford security services but what happens to innocent victims that are not protected.I came up with the idea of technology that already exists,the cellphone and GPS .We recognize facebook can pick up a location of where you are as well.If every citizen registered their cell phone number and address with the police station in their own community and assigned a number as a speed dial when they are in distress,the police can know exactly where the distress call is coming from .Without even talking,if someone is unable to speak the police can still be contacted by a miss call notification.Security services come to you really fast and so it may be able to help the POLICE SERVICE to do their jobs better and put these criminals behind bars if this system was offered by the SAPS.

In order to put this idea forward.I need as much names as possible.We all complain but this time your name can help .you can also like the facebook page 
Safety and Security Initiative-SOUTH AFRICAso I can put forward this strategy page to the SAPS.The link to the page

THANK YOU ALL.The petition for signing your name can be found on

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