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10 September 2012 at 23:22 - Posted by Anonymous



Well known resident Beresford Jobling (56) was presumably hit with an iron pipe and then strangled to death by five youths in his house in Hartebeeshoek on Friday night.

Jobling’s body was then dumped in a rivulet on the Hekpoort Road only to be discovered on Sunday by passersby.
“According to information Jobling, chairman of the Hartbeespoort Environment and Heritage Association (HEHA), was allegedly overpowered by five youths between the ages of 17 and 19 while he was watching television on Friday night,” said Hartbeespoort community policing forum chairman Romano van der Spuy.
“It seems he was hit over the legs with an iron pipe and then strangled with a rope. The suspects put his body on the back of Jobling’s gold coloured Toyota Hilux and drove to a rivulet along the Hekpoort road where they dumped the body,” Van der Spuy said.
On Saturday morning the suspects were involved in an accident with the vehicle on the Hekpoort road. The vehicle rolled and two suspects were seriously injured. They were taken to a hospital in Krugersdorp.
“The Hekpoort police investigated the accident and the vehicle was traced back to Jobling.’
The Hartbeespoort police were requested to contact Jobling but when they arrived at his property in Hartebeeshoek, they could not gain entry as the gate was locked.
Passersby spotted Jobling’s body in the rivulet on Sunday and contacted the police.
“Through excellent investigations by the Hekpoort police the three other suspects were arrested on Sunday afternoon,” Van der Spuy said.
“All five of them are pupils at the Schaumberg school and one is believed to be the son of Jobling’s domestic worker.”
According to Van der Spuy it seemed that the youths only stole Jobling’s vehicle and his cellphone.
The cellphone was found in one of the suspect’s possession.
Tributes to Beres poured in this week. He was the great great grandchild of the the Voortrekker Andries Pretorius and still resided on a piece of the original Pretorius farm.
Two suspects are still in hospital. Three of the suspects, including the minor appeared before the Brits Magistrate’s Court where the police opposed bail.
The case was postponed until 11 September. Two suspects are being detained at the Hartbeespoort police station and the minor was moved to a facility in Rustenburg.
A memorial service for Beres will be held on Tuesday 11 September at 11:00 at his historical house Dodona in Hartbees-hoek.
“We expect a really big crowd of people to attend the service,” his close friend Naneke French said.
To obtain details about the service contact Naneke on 083 268 8857 or Joanne on 083 254 4373.
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