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31 October 2010 at 23:07 - Posted by RichardWilkinson

Small, focussed networks work best - just start with half your street.


Hi -

Firstly, the Turnitaround team has been blown away by  the fantastic response by so many dynamic South Africans - thank you for your time and patience during our launching period and please keep the bug reports coming.

A key part of our theory is that too often South Africans think at a macro level. We pay too much attention to national issues or the 'big picture' whilst completely ignoring the little things all around us. Yet the little things are where we need to take the first step in regenerating our society.

That's why we made Turnitaround - so that individuals such as yourself could get on and make a meaningful impact on a local area.

Every little adds up - and this site will aggregate it all.

So our advice is to keep your networks as small and focussed as possible. Try pour all your time and energy into making real, sustained progress in a specifc area - your network can NEVER be too small. That's the whole point of the site.

And to those who feel clueless or daunted - start tiny. Adopt your household and maybe half your street and take it from there.

Don't get me wrong - the big networks are also great. Of course you can build mini sub-networks within a larger one in order to build a team of networks (see our Cape Town pilot projects).

Either way - there's no wrong option here and you can chop and change, amend and delete at any time.

This is your site - make the best of it.

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