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25 September 2012 at 09:39 - Posted by Anonymous

Son hears dad get shot


Gauteng - A man listened as robbers shot his father during a robbery at their family home in De Deur, in the Vaal Triangle, the Beeld reported on Tuesday.

Fanie Ntjingila, 22, and his father, Meshack Ntjingila, 58, both worked late on Friday night.

Fanie then went to fetch a cousin from the airport and asked his father to meet them at their home on a plot in Gemsbok Street, the newspaper reported.

Fanie and his cousin were standing outside the house when they were attacked by four armed men, who forced them inside and tied them up.

“They took their time stealing everything, then they loaded everything into my car and drove away,” he told the newspaper.

He heard his father arrive and park at the back of the house. “I then heard an argument and a shot,” he said.

The robbers dragged Ntjingila sen. into the kitchen, locked the house and left.

Fanie was able to talk to his father for 15 minutes before he died.

He later freed himself and his cousin, and climbed through the ceiling to summon help. - Sapa

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