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23 February 2011 at 21:32 - Posted by GeraldY

South Africa has talent - you have to see Vicus!


Vicus the young talented singer has been found in the Free State. Photo:

SA YouTube sensation finally tracked down, Vicus the young talented singer has been found in the Free State.

The young singer shot to fame after a video clip of him singing and playing a guitar was posted on YouTube and record labels thought he was worth a recording deal.
Joburg drummer Cadwell Caster, who posted Vicus’ video on YouTube, said the young boy was found in Heidedal near Bloemfontein, Free State on Wednesday.
This follows several publications in which Caster was looking for the boy he only knew as Vicus.
A staffer at a local Free State radio station said Vicus was found on the same day his school was having a concert at which he was billed to perform on Wednesday.
“His story has become big news at our radio station and now everyone wants to go to his concert. He is a real star, a natural,” he said.
“I am told there was going to be a huge press conference in Bloemfontein where Vicus will be to show him off. All the giant recording labels and talent scouts were apparently flying down to meet him.”
Caster received Vicus video clip from a relative and thought his talent needed some exposure. He uploaded the A.52 minutes clip on YouTube and the response was overwhelming.
Local and international recording stables were soon contacting Caster looking for Vicus.
One of those who was blown away was local Idols judge and 5FM breakfast show host Gareth Cliff.
His manager Rina Bromberg said Gareth thought that because “Vicus was too young to enter Idols maybe he needed radio”.
“Gareth posted messages on Facebook looking for Vicus. Meanwhile, everybody was looking for him and we thought between me as a talent manager and Gareth we could offer to represent him and help him make right choices,” Broomberg said.
A song that made Vicus famous was “The Arms” by All 4 One which he passionately sang on the clip that made him an instant YouTube sensation.
In an angelic voice, he belts out the song in a clear and heartfelt manner. Passion, and enthusiasm are etched all over his cheerful face.
“I knew the boy was good but didn’t expect such an overwhelming response. I’m told that Sony International people were here earlier this year looking for the young boy,” Caster said.
“They have now contacted me and they were planning to fly people down here to look for him so he can be given a recording deal. I have also been contacted by people from BET (Black Entertainment Television) and locally by 5FM’s
Gareth Cliff just to mention a few; they have all been swept away by the boy’s marvelous musical talent.”
A post on YouTube said: “Wow!! He should be in a talent show!! Amazing!!!! Keep it up!! Let him sing...he has charisma!!!!”
Another fan of the young boy wrote: “Make some more music and replace (Justin) Bieber.”
“Oh my God! This is wonderful! You gave my friend and I cold chills. You have a very pure sound and I hope you go far in life with your voice,” another one wrote.
One said he would get him into his Joburg studio right away.
Caster could not agree more. “He is awesome and the quality of his voice is out of this world. Looking at the video you can notice that he is calm like a real natural and he doesn’t put much effort; this is just raw talent,” he said.
Unbeknown to him, Vicus has become an overnight star and the world seems to be hungry for his singing talent.
“I was called by Gareth’s(Cliff) manager informing me that he has been found. I wish him all the best and I’m glad I helped in exposing his amazing talent,” Caster said. - The Star
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