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02 June 2012 at 13:37 - Posted by JOYGYM

South African De-Stress Program Receives Honours at 3 International Conferences


Laughterologist Bill Gee will present the unique positive psychology Art of Stress program at conferences in Moscow, San Francisco and Prague.


A unique new South African positive psychology program that empowers people to thrive and flourish under stress will be presented at important scientific conferences in Moscow, San Francisco and Prague.
The Art of Stress program was developed in South Africa to help adults and children living with HIV and AIDS and their caregivers to cope with high levels of stress and depression.
"Stress and depression act to speed disease progression in HIV, cancer, and most major illnesses" says Bill Gee, lead developer of the program.
"This program uses laughter therapy to dramatically reduce stress and counter depression without pharmaceuticals. 
More than 50 thousand highly stressed South Africans are already living better lives
All that's required is 10-15 minutes a day spent practicing some exercises".
Gee and his team have been invited to present the program and run a workshop at the European Positive Psychoogy Conference in Moscow next month. "This is a huge honour," says Gee. "This is the first time a laughter-based therapy has been presented at a major psychology conference anywhere."
They will also present two papers at the 17th International Conference on Cancer Nursing in Prague, and seven papers at the 140th American Public Health Association Annual Meeting in San Fransisco in October.
"We are really happy about the great interest in this program," says Gee. "The world is waiting for natural therapies that can reduces stress and counter depression."
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