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30 December 2011 at 01:28

Sponsor an Orphan on CPA


The Child Protection Agency


Sponsor an Orphan Initiative

A small DONATION of R50,00


in the LIFE of an Orphaned CHILD


Nobody Cares or Knows about an Orphaned Child who gets

abducted or kidnapped every day… yes every day.

2800 children are taken every year.... in South Africa


Children are used for:


Organ harvesting “R30 000 for a kidney”

Adoptions “child must be blond, tall, blue eyes” R60 000 +”

Sex slaves “Children for sale- cheap R5000” can be used over & over”

Pornography “Kiddie porn - $2,00 x the sales on the internet = Goldmine”

Cheap Labour “R500 each – they can also be raped by your friends”

Prostitution “Young and in demand for only R4000 used R1000 new”


The list is long and unthinkable… but true


Take time today….

Think about it right now….

Instead of spoiling yourself to…

a nice meal

a night out

or renting movies etc.


Make a difference in the life of a child….

Give an already forgotten child

a 94% chance of being found if he or she goes missing.


Click on and make a DIFFERENCE today!

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