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05 November 2010 at 22:28 - Posted by GeraldY

Sponsorship to fund future development


An example of how sponsorship would look for a module. A banner would be displayed at the top and bottom of the page. Banners can be developed to be more interactive - for example to request an insurance quote.

Turn It Around has only just launched, but we have many great ideas in development. Funding for the project has been done through our own resources over the past 6 months which has allowed us to get to the point we are at now.

The website has enough features to help communities all around South Africa and to share information. But we want to keep going. To do this we need to raise funding to allow us to work on this project non-stop.

In order to raise the fund required to continue developing the additional modules, we will be offering sponsorship opportunities by section. For example we will be adding in a question and answers module, allowing users to pose any question to the public of South Africa. This type of open questioning allows people to share their thoughts, opinions and ideas.

The company, brand or organization who sponsors that particular section will have exclusive branding of that module, providing them with a focussed exposure to a wide target market. So in return for the funding capital we will provide a dynamic advertising opportunity.

In total we have around 20 new modules we would like to add as soon as we possibly can. Each module is different in size and complexity and this means we can match the sponsors budget to the right module to guarantee exposure.

Should you be interested in helping us take this project forward in leaps and bounds by sponsoring a module. Please contact us to discuss further.

The Turn Around Team

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