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17 July 2012 at 16:03 - Posted by Anonymous

Stiff electricity tariff hikes proposed by Eskom


Electricity tariff hikes mentioned in a confidential Eskom document leaked to the media were part of its proposed application on the matter, the parastatal said on Friday.

The figure of 14.6 percent each of the next five years was merely an initial proposal submitted to the National Treasury and the SA Local Government Association, spokeswoman Hilary Joffe said.

These bodies had 40 days to comment on the proposal, before the final application, incorporating this input, was made to the National Energy Regulator of SA (Nersa).

“We don’t have the final numbers and respect the consultation process,” Joffe said.

When the application was submitted to Nersa, it would be in the public domain, she said.

Reuters news agency reported on Friday that a document in its possession marked “strictly confidential” contained the proposed increases.

It quoted Eskom chief executive Brian Dames as saying the parastal had requested more than R1 trillion over five years.

This was apparently to fund expansion projects, including new power stations, and could average 19 percent in this time frame depending on government decisions.

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