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31 March 2011 at 15:22 - Posted by Anonymous

Stolen cell found in bergie’s underpants


Dingleberry Torch?

A cellphone thief was caught red-handed when a cellphone he hid in his underpants suddenly rang.

The bergie and his friend walked into a restaurant in Belvedere Road in Rondebosch on Tuesday night looking for food.
They saw the owner’s expensive Blackberry Torch lying on the counter, took it and ran away.
But the owner spotted them just in time and immediately contacted his security company, Sniper Security.
Sniper’s managing director Ridwaan Mathews says: “We received a complaint about the two coloured males who walked into an eatery and stole a cellphone.”
Ridwaan says his men got to the scene quickly and managed to catch the bergies.
“The owner of the business came and identified them,” says Ridwaan.
“When the security officers confronted the two suspects, they denied stealing the Blackberry and became extremely aggressive.”
The owner then decided to call his phone from another cellphone - and everyone was surprised when they heard music coming from one of the men’s groin.
“The client phoned his cell number and the phone rang on one of the suspects,” says Ridwaan.
“The security staff discovered that one of the suspects had hidden the Blackberry in his filthy, rotten, stinky underpants.”
Despite his cellphone’s close encounter with the bergie’s bum, the owner was only too happy to have it back.
“The cellphone is the latest Blackberry (worth R6 000) and he didn’t care if it was smelling or not, he took it back,” says Ridwaan.
The man decided against laying a charge with police. - Daily Voice
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