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30 July 2012 at 12:17 - Posted by Anonymous

Suspected thief hit by getaway car


Police are trying to determine how two car theft suspects were shot and wounded, while another was hit by a car that was supposed to be a getaway car.

The dramatic events unfolded in Harry Street, Robertsham, Joburg, on Saturday night.

Captain Pinky Tsinyane said three thieves had allegedly jumped a fence around 3am to gain entrance into a yard, where a car was parked.

The owner was woken up by the sound of people fiddling with his car, and when he went outside, the three fled.

Tsinyane said the man had given chase.

During the chase, a shot is alleged to have been fired, but it was not known who opened fire.

The shot woke another neighbour, who then helped in the chase.

At that moment, a car believed to have been the getaway car approached at high speed.

Its occupants are alleged to have started firing shots, prompting other neighbours to come out of their houses and try to apprehend the gangsters.

Tsinyane said police had arrived to find two of the suspects had been shot and injured, while another had been hit by a car.

“We don’t know who shot them, whether it was their friends or the neighbours. We are investigating,” Tsinyane said.

The injured suspects were taken to hospital. - The Star

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