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26 November 2010 at 13:31 - Posted by GeraldY

Talisman / Bothma Road Closure - Committee Meeting 25.11.2010


Dear All
Please find attached minutes of the special meeting convened last evening.

The following e-mail and sms will be going out to all residents today.
“This week has seen a fair amount of criminal activity in our area with vehicles being broken into.  As a result, the TBRC committee, together with Top Security have decided to place a patrol officer in the area from 18h00 to 06h00 every day for the entire festive period.  Please be aware that this is an initiative funded by Top Security and the objective is to deter and apprehend the criminals operating in our area.  There will also be additional Top Security and Police Patrols during the day and night and entrance to the Closure will be more tightly controlled.  Please advise your immediate family of this, but we recommend that no staff be told as this will significantly reduce the effectiveness of the operation.  This will remain in force until further notice.  We also strongly suggest that you remain vigilant at all times and report any and all incidents to Top Security (even if you are currently not contracted to them).  In addition we urge you to join the Turn It Around website for TBRC news and instant reporting.  Thank you for your co-operation.”
Please also urge all residents to register on the website.
Alberto De Cecco

Alberto De Cecco
Tel No: 011 609 0562
Fax No: 011 609 0563


Please find attached minutes of the special meeting convened last evening.

1. Present
       • a. Ari van Zyl Top Security
       • b. Marisa De Cecco Resident
       • c. Joe Gruber Management Co
       • d. Alberto De Cecco Resident
       • e. Gerald Yapp Resident

2. Apologies
       • a. Stefano Scola Resident
       • b. Irene Kleine Resident
       • c. Charnia Yapp Resident
       • d. Cristina Scola Resident

3. Talisman Bothma Road Closure (TBRC) Issues
       • New access disks to be made    – S SCOLA
       • Stefano developed new sticker – approved – make a different colour for each year – start with red
       • Pedestrians Access:
       • Waiting for Carl to give quote for palisade fencing and access gate with camera system - A DE CECCO

Guard Issues

       • Decided to introduce roving guard in Road Closure – on trial for free from Top Security - Top SCTY
       • Guard specializes in surveillance and will be unseen for most of the time
       • All residents to be informed by e-mail - J GRUBER
       • All residents to be informed by sms - G YAPP
       • Must ensure that all residents are informed so as to avoid scaring anyone - I KLEINE
       • Must get all residents to register on website.  Must consider door to door initiative. - ALL
       • Have TBRC meeting in closure with all residents - ALL

4. Next Meeting
       •  1st December 2010
       •  Venue – 23 Bothma Road, Bedfordview

Feel free to comment below on the items mentioned above.

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