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24 October 2011 at 16:39 - Posted by GSSKZN

The security of your property is your responsibility!


Home owners are very quick to blame the local authorities and community safety platforms for not doing enough to secure their neighbourhoods. Burglaries are escalating in all areas due to our country's socio-economic circumstances - poverty and unemployment. So, opportunistic thieves take advantage of poorly protected properties, where owners have not taken it upon themselves to ensure that they have made it "more difficult" to gain quick and easy access to their premises.

Layering your defences and preventing immediate entry is the best way of deterring your general "smash 'n grab' burglar. However, your property does not need to end up looking like Fort Knox or Alcatraz and the panoramic views can still be enjoyed. The idea is to catch the petty thief "off guard" but making your home/business virtually impenetrable; unless they come equipped with heavy-duty tools requiring time and noise to operate.

Other than the more obvious electric fences and unsightly and, as in most cases, older security structures (bars and gates,) there are now revolutionary and technologically advanced products on the market for upgrading the security of your property's weakest security point - glass windows and doors.

Security film and transparent burglar bars, both made of "space-age" materials, offer the educated property owner an "invisible" protective option to transform and upgrade their existing glass- and opening-windows/doors, with a virtually impenetrable security solution. Security film, on particularly the unprotected "middle windows" and polycarbonate, thermoplastic transparent burglar bars, in double-anchored aluminium frames, prevent the intruder from gaining easy, quick access. This, by holding the broken glass in the frame or the bars in place, even through multiple hits. Additional attempts to get in generates greater noise and disturbance, which invariably deters the burglar when faced with the option to continue or hopefully leave and try elsewhere.

Should you want to find out more about upgrading your glass security visit:

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