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20 July 2011 at 12:40 - Posted by Anonymous

Three men killed in shootout with police


THREE men were killed and another two wounded in a shootout with police on the N2 North near Edwin Swales Drive on Friday morning, July 15.

According to SAPS spokesman, Lieutenant Colonel Vincent Mdunge, a shootout ensued when the men opened fire on the police at the corner of the N2 north and Edwin Swales Drive.

It is believed the five men had wanted to use a taxi as a getaway vehicle after an armed robbery in Clairwood.

Four of the men attempted to rob a tavern in Clairwood, while the fifth kept the driver at gunpoint.

"The fifth man was distracted and exited the taxi when he received a call on his cell phone.

The driver acted quickly during this time and called the police," said Mdunge.

The police responded immediately and  the men fled the scene in the taxi.

According to police at the scene, the taxi driver remained in the vehicle until the N2 onramp where he stopped behind a stationary truck. He then rolled out of the vehicle to safety.

"The shootout ensued at the corner of the N2 north and Edwin Swales when the occupants of the taxi opened fire on the police.

Police responded and killed two of the men. A third died in hospital," Mdunge said.

The two wounded men remain in police custody in a Durban hospital and face charges of attempted murder, armed robbery and hijacking.

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