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03 October 2012 at 12:59 - Posted by AfricaFinance

Toyota Launches the World's First Charging-Based, Sports iPhone & Android App


Witness the New Charging Style "Fun to Charge" by Brand New Prius PHV!

BusinessWire/ME-Newswire - TOYOTA MOTOR SALES & MARKETING CORPORATION launched a sports iPhone & Android app titled "PLUG-IN Championship", which uses recharging of the smartphone as the main game controller, to bring to life the "Fun to charge" concept of the new hybrid vehicle with rechargeable battery Prius PHV.

"PLUG-IN Championship" takes the plug-in action where smartphone users connects their device to the recharger, and turns it into a sport. "Players" will compete with each other by accuracy of the timing of the "plug-in" action and win scores for each play. When a smartphone is "plugged in", the app reacts with playing an exhilarating video to add more sparks to the game. "PLUG-IN Championship" will transform the recharging action into something more proactive and fun!

PLUG-IN Championship

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Features of "PLUG-IN Championship"

  • The world's first iPhone & Android app which uses the "plug-in" action as part of the game play
  • When smartphone is plugged in with a charger while app is activated, users will be rewarded with a refreshing movie clip to boost up the experience.
  • Movie clips will vary based on the score won, time, and location of the plug-in.
  • Accuracy of the timing of the plug-in is converted to a score and players will compete in the world championship.


"PLUG-IN Championship" will transform the recharging action from something "Need to charge" into "Fun to charge". In other words, this app also promises to transform charging into something more proactive and fun. It's the same to what you experience while charging Prius PHV. Because the charging action in Prius PHV contributes to extend the cruising range of the electric-motor-only driving mode (EV mode). In addition to reducing CO2 emissions and gasoline consumption as well as contributing to air pollution control, extending the EV mode cruising range also offers the additional economic benefit of reduced total fuel costs, including the cost of gasoline and electricity. Toyota wishes you to experience aspects of "Fun to charge" with this app virtually.

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