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25 July 2011 at 12:47 - Posted by Anonymous

Tuks student missing for a week


Duncan Allan was last seen entering Lynwood Motors to fetch his car on Monday July 18,.

A Pretoria mother has made an impassioned plea for the safe return of her son who has been missing for a week.

Third-year University of Pretoria BCom Investment student, Duncan Allan, was last seen leaving Lynnwood Motors after collecting his VW Jetta last Monday.

He had brought his car to the garage so that it could have several repairs done. Since his disappearance no one has heard from him with his cellphone remaining switched off.

Allan’s mother, Pam, said in a telephonic interview on Sunday night, that the family was desperate for news on her son’s whereabouts.

“We just want to know where he is. We love you Duncan, and we want you home. We miss you so much,” she said in a message to Allan.

Describing her son, who is on the hostel’s house committee and headed up hostel’s annual shows, as a socialite who had a “huge” circle of friends, Allan said that while they had followed several leads they had not seen results and they were now back to square one in trying to find her son.

She said the last time she had seen her son was on the Thursday before he disappeared.

“He was getting ready for a university camp, aimed at getting the students to bond after their holidays, that weekend and was quite excited about it.

“He was in a very good mood and frame of mind when he left our home for his residence at the university.

“Duncan, who is becoming very religious and involved in his church, is a friendly, outgoing person who is a leader who motivates people around him.

“He is an achiever who excels at everything he does,” she said.

Allan said the first the family knew that something was wrong was when one of his friends phoned on Monday at lunchtime to say that he had not come to lectures.

“He was meant to have back-to-back lectures and for him not to go to class is very odd because he is very fond of his studies.

“When we began following up we discovered that he had been seen leaving the university in the morning to pick up his car and he was seen by a garage manager and a workshop mechanic driving out of the garage at about 7.20am.

“But, he never made it to university. We simply do not know where he is and we are desperate for news on our son.

“We just want him home. We just want our child back,” Allan said.

Anyone who has information on the whereabouts of Duncan or knowledge on who may or has seen his green Jetta CSX DJY 086 GP can contact the investigating officer Warrant Officer Denny Phaswane on 082 319 9647. - Pretoria News

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