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23 November 2011 at 14:03 - Posted by Anonymous

Two families attacked in Richards Bay


A Gauteng woman was raped in front of her teenage sons and their friends, and an elderly couple was robbed at a holiday resort in Richards Bay, northern KwaZulu Natal, The Witness reported on Wednesday.

The 38-year-old woman from Vanderbijlpark and her two sons were attacked by four armed men just hours after arriving at Meerensee for a five-day vacation. They had arrived for their holiday at 9pm on Monday.

After raping the woman and ransacking the self-catering unit, the four went to another unit on the same property and held an elderly couple at gunpoint and robbed them.

According to a woman from the second unit, who wished not be named fearing for her safety, the armed men must have entered the property protected by five-metre walls and an electric gate, between 9.30pm and 10pm.

“The other group had just arrived (from Vanderbijlpark) and asked us if there was a shop nearby as they needed a few items.

“The armed men must have entered the property when they left the premises because when they returned they were waiting for them,” she told the newspaper.

They allegedly forced the people into the home, forced the boys onto the ground and then one suspect raped the mother.

“One of the boys told us the mother just told them to look away while she was raped. He also said the robbers told them they were acting on ‘inside information’,” the elderly victim told The Witness.

She said the suspects entered her unit at about 11.30pm through the bathroom and kitchen windows.

“We had just gone to bed. However, seconds after I got up to go and check on the dog, our bedroom light flicked on and this man entered our room.”

With her husband waking up startled, the suspect pushed them both back onto the bed and immediately demanded jewellery, money, cellphones and laptops and threatened to rape the woman, the report said.

“We sat on the bed and pulled the duvet over us. One of the suspects started pulling the duvet down saying he was going to rape me, but he was distracted by my gold chain and instead took that. He kept saying ‘where is the money, we are going to kill you’.

“They then ordered us to lie on the ground and tied up our hands and feet with my husband’s shoelaces.”

At this point the attackers escorted the four teenagers and the rape victim into the elderly couple’s unit.

“The other woman had a gash to her head and was stumbling. They tied them all up and threatened to kill us. They had no masks; they weren’t scared.

“One suspect said ‘(you holidaymakers) shouldn’t come here (Richards Bay), it’s a s*** place; look what we do to you’,” said the elderly woman.

“By 11.50pm the suspects took the rape victim’s BMW X5. They kept saying they were going to come back. By 1.45am my husband said we had better get out of the house.

“We forced a burglar bar open and climbed out the window, jumped walls into neighbouring premises until we were eventually helped by a drunk man who arranged to have the police called.

“I must say the SAPS in Richards Bay were flawless. We are thankful for their response,” she said.

By Tuesday morning, police had recovered the BMW X5.

Richards Bay Spokeswoman Captain Debbie Ferreira told the newspaper no suspects had been arrested yet. – Sapa

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