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14 February 2012 at 08:54 - Posted by munkychunks




Hi to all
Please see all letters and attachments.  Please pass to any and everyone who lives or works in Glenwood, Bulwer, Glenmore, Carrington Heights, Umbilo areas.
For more info contact:
Cell: 072 736 9487

Kind regards
Louise Stehouwer - Secretary
Umbilo CPF - Sector 1
Tel/Fax: (031) 201 2998
Cell: 083 256 1254

Hi everyone
You will most likely by now have seen some of the press articles & TV inserts generated by our call for SAPS National to intervene & place Umbilo SAPS under interim management pending a full investigation of all senior officers.
We have also gained the support of the KZN Violence Monitor, Mary de Haas; DUT lecturers; the Shadow Minister for Police, Dianne Kohler Barnard; the UKZN Centre for Civil Society; the KZN Refugee Council; ChildLine SA; Ward Councillor, Warwick Chapman; the Umbilo Community Policing Forum & various other civil society groups & human rights organisations. Blogs, websites & many sites are hosting discussions regarding these issues. Please see at end messages of support for the UAG’s call for the intervention of SAPS National at Umbilo SAPS from prominent civil society leaders & politicians:    
This is OUR community, this is OUR call for action, OUR call for better policing, let’s make OUR voices heard!!!

So far we have communicated our request to the Minister for Police, Mr Nathi Mthethwa (see letter attached) & applied to the eThekwini Municipality for permission to picket the Umbilo SAPS. We are awaiting both their responses. I will be meeting Metro Police this Wednesday to discuss the picket. A publicity campaign is underway with media articles planned for all major publications to expose the numerous problems & injustices our community is facing & a series of public meetings will be undertaken to discuss issues of concern & suggestions for remedial action. 

  1. Get involved & support this call – now is not the time for apathy – we can change things if we work together
  2. Tell your friends, neighbours, church groups & local businesses about what we’re doing – word of mouth is still the best form of communication
  3. Post information on your FaceBook pages, Twitter & circulate notices though your databases
  4. Write to the newspaper & express your views & share your experiences with Umbilo SAPS
  5. Sign the petition, print it our (if you don’t have a printer let me know & I will drop copies off for you) & take it to everyone in your street, church, workplace, block of flats or school
  6. Ask your nearby corner café owner, pub, library, post office or garage to host a petition & ask them to get everyone who visits to sign it
  7. Print out flyers & posters circulated & stick them on the back window of your car, your front door, the entrance to your building (ask your supervisor), put them in your neighbours’ postboxes – DO NOT STICK THEM ON MUNICIPAL PROPERTY SUCH AS LAMP POSTS, SUB STATIONS OR WALLS – YOU WILL BE FINED!
  8. Watch the press for dates of public meetings & offer lifts to neighbours who don’t have transport – ATTEND!
  9. Join the picket outside the Umbilo SAPS – date to be confirmed
  10. Tell us about incidents you have experienced – some so far have been shocking – or call 0727369487
We need to stay focused on our goal & not be distracted by disinformation or defamatory claims we know to be untrue & that have been used so often in the past by SAPS to divide & confuse our community. We need everyone’s support & participation – without it this call for National intervention will be ignored. 
Lets MOBILISE & make Umbilo SAPS our Arab Spring!!


Vanessa Burger
Umbilo Action Group

Evil flourishes when good men do nothing’  

PROF PRITZ DULLAY (political activist, R2K Media Committee & DUT lecturer) 

Dear Mary

Please look at this scenario below that has been drawn up by my colleague in the Right2know Campaign (although the matter is not raised under the banner of the R2K). I have known Vanessa Burger for a while and she is known as a fearless activist. From my reading of unfolding events at the Umbilo SAPS over several years, there seems to be so much wrong; there seems to be more sympathy for the criminal than the victim!
The elderly, women, children and the weak have normally been victims of this aberration.
Could you advise, or lend your name to apply pressure to the authorities?
P R Dullay 

MARY DE HAAS (KZN Violence Monitor) 

Yes I have seen some of this in the press, and kept article/s to follow up. This is truly appalling, and I am very happy to do whatever I can to assist, including with specific cases. In fact, our medical rights group will also assist victims of sexual crimes, so we probably need to meet.


DIANNE KOHLER BARNARD (Shadow Minister for Police) 

Dear Vanessa,
I have been watching developments at Umbilo for some time now and I believe the Province has just done a check on the station and discovered just how bad it is.  I am discussing the station and the situation with the Chair of the Police Portfolio committee in Parliament tomorrow and I’ll revert to you asap.
Dianne Kohler Barnard, MP
Democratic Alliance

Shadow Minister of Police 
Deputy Federal Chairperson  
Vice Chairperson KwaZulu-Natal
Central Durban Constituency MP

BARUTI AMISI (KZN Refugee Council, UKZN Centre For Civil Society, Right2Know activist ) 

Dear Vanessa,
Thank you for the updates on Umbilo Action Group.
Please forward the petition. I will make it signed by colleagues and friends.
Keep up your wonderful work for the community!

CHINA NGUBANE (Community Building Project, UKZN Centre For Civil Society, MDC & R2K activist ) 

Thanks so much Vee for this touching update

I guarantee my full support and I will lobby for this important day. What time will it start?
Best Regards 


Thanks Vee – I am also going to try and take this to the national committee that coordinates civil society input and interaction with the police.

Joan van Niekerk
Manager, Training and Advocacy
Childline South Africa

WARWICK CHAPMAN (eThekwini Ward 33 Councillor) 

While I haven't been formally involved with Umbilo SAPS for very long, it became clear to me very early on that all was not well. Middle management and junior officers complained about the poor state of affairs relatively openly to me from very early on. 

It also became clear to me that not only was Umbilo not following up on crimes committed but one after another I saw concerning instances of either dereliction of duty or abuse at the hands of Umbilo SAPS.

I have tried the cordial approach with station management for nearly 10 months now but something must now change. The SAPS have a mandate from our constitution and national legislation to provide an efficient and professional service and I have no hesitation in saying that Umbilo SAPS is not meeting its obligations. 

The station was the subject of a spot audit by a general from province in late January. While no official report has been made available, the station is believed to have failed every single audit point, and most alarmingly was found to not have a single informer on its books. 

As a resident of the area and as a representative of many others, I want to feel that if someone commits a crime, there is a strong chance that person will be caught and convicted for that crime. Further, I want to know that my local SAPS is doing everything it can to prevent crimes from happening in the first place.

For that to happen we need a well resourced, well led and motivated Umbilo SAPS and I unfortunately do not believe that this the case.  The CPF and the UAG have tried everything they can to resolve the many issues at the station, and it is now urgent that an intervention take place. 

I urge all residents in the Umbilo Policing area to support the UAG in its efforts to secure the level of service we need from Umbilo SAPS. 
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