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16 February 2012 at 08:34 - Posted by munkychunks

Umbilo CPF - Sector 1 Committee



At the monthly community meeting of Sector 1 of the UCPF, on the 14th February, the following where elected to the new committee.
Chairman:     Rob Hackenbruch   Tel: 082 445 7748
Vice-Chair:   Heather Rorick        Tel: 076 612 3566
Secretary:     Louise Stehouwer   Tel: (031) 201 2998 / 083 256 1254 
Treasurer:     Vacant
Co-opted:     Lucky Mshengu        Tel: 072 630 2390
Co-opted:     Jeni  Wells                Tel: 083 676 4757
A Treasurer is still required, if any member of the community can fullfil this roll please contact the committee, it involves a small amount of work, keeping records of income and expenditure.
The committee will be arranging a number of initiatives to fight crime in the area, some examples:
Foot and vehicle patrols
Creation of street committees
Develop a strategy to deal with prostitution in the area, forming a task team
If you would like to be involved in any way, please contact the committee on the above telephone numbers.
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