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25 November 2011 at 10:16 - Posted by Anonymous

‘W will f*** you up’ - Another Blue Light Gang Attack


A man was held captive for almost two hours during a blue-light gang hijacking.

Bevan Moodley (not his real name) had been travelling along Main Road in Lonehill, Sandton, around 8pm on Wednesday when he first noticed a white Golf GTI following him.

The car, full of men wearing police vests, pulled up alongside Moodley’s car.

The men signalled for him to pull over and turned on the blue lights in their unmarked vehicle.

The passenger at the front of the Golf climbed out, clad in a bullet-proof vest and a reflector jacket, the word “POLICE” emblazoned on the front.

The man approached Moodley and asked for his driving licence, which he handed over.

“Whose car is this?” he was asked. Moodley responded that the vehicle was his.

“Get out of the car, open the back,” the man barked.

An inspection followed, and then Moodley heard he would have to accompany the men to the police station as the car had been reported stolen.

By this point, four of the five men in the car had climbed out of their vehicle. All were wearing police-issue bullet-proof vests, and one had a rifle.

Moodley was bundled into the back seat of the Golf. Two of the men got into Moodley’s car, while he was joined by the other three.

The man in the backseat tied Moodley’s hands behind his back using cable ties, and an interrogation began over how much money he had in his wallet, which the men had just taken.

“We are taking your car,” he was told.

“I don’t mind, take it,” Moodley replied.

“We are not asking, we are telling you,” the man replied aggressively.

The men asked if the car had a tracking device.

“If we do find (a device), we will f*** you up.”

The men drove around the area in convoy for the next half-an-hour, with the two men driving Moodley’s car in front.

Eventually Moodley’s car vanished from view.

Few words were spoken to him besides the quiet whispers of the hijacker in the backseat.

“Don’t worry, my friend, we won’t hurt you,” the man said repeatedly.

“I was still terrified,” said Moodley, his head on the backseat.

In another hour, the captive felt the car’s suspension buckle as they hit several dirt roads. Then the car ground to a halt.

Moodley was taken out of the car at gunpoint. He was certain this was the end.

“Wait here for half-an-hour, then you can go,” he was ordered as he was pushed towards the nearby veld.

“I can wait an hour,” Moodley said, relieved as the men fled.
Ten minutes later, the terrified man began searching for help. He rang the intercom at a nearby house.

Theresa de Groot and her husband answered. The couple were suspicious of the desperate man at the gate, having been armed robbery victims. De Groot’s husband went outside, armed with a gun, and brought Moodley into the house.

Provincial police spokesman Lieutenant-Colonel Lungelo Dlamini was unwilling to comment.

*Not his real name - The Star

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