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15 August 2011 at 11:31 - Posted by Anonymous

What do taxpayers get back?


Take, take, take but no give back!

I am one of those few taxpayers in the country who is supporting the majority of the country and quite honestly I am now being squeezed to a point where I am now getting irritated.

A great American President once said: "It's not what your country can do for you but, but what you can do for your country."

I am doing my part along with six million taxpayers; now what about the other 40-odd million who are just loafing in the hills and contributing nothing. To further top it off the ANC has some bee in their bonnet of late as to how they can best squeeze the living wealth out those taxpayers and when they are finished doing that the next step will be to nationalise everything, expropriate your land and suck us even dryer.

Come on ANC we are donkey years into our new democracy, the only difference you have made is what you have taken and even in that it's a shambles.

Anyway as taxpayers what do we actually get back in return?

1. We contribute taxes towards education. Can I send my children to a government school? Though there is a few good ones left sending your kids to a government school would generally disadvantage them.

2. We contribute taxes towards Health Care. Would I send my family to a government hospital? Though there are some good ones, generally speaking I would be putting my family at risk and I would not be getting the best possible care.

3. We contribute taxes towards security. Unfortunately I can't rely on the sate to protect me. Our borders are like sieves, my home needs to be fortified and I have to hire private security to protect my family.

4. We contribute taxes towards our transport infrastructure, are we able to be moved comfortably about with public transport? Or are we paying tolls to use our transport system?

And we could go on...

So literally as taxpayers we are paying taxes to our government to protect us, move us around and keep us healthy but we are finding ourselves having to pay for those very services over again.

The new National Health Bill is another attempt to make us the minority taxpayers pay for this grand scheme.

The ANC needs to get their act together, we need leadership and decisive action that is going to create jobs, we need more people contributing to our country not the same people contributing to grand schemes that never work. Our government has a rich track record of how well they run a business, just look at Eskom, SAA as a few examples, how the hell do they expect to pull off these new grand illusions and make it work?

I say to the government that your money grabbing policies are wearing thin, and these grand plans are just a disguise to cover up your complete failure in making even the basics work!

By Sean Bezuidenhout - Carried over from News 24 blogs

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