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23 November 2010 at 14:35 - Posted by Anonymous

What the Open Toll Road System (ORT) in Gauteng will cost you per month


For whom the bell tolls... What you can expect to be in for when the ORT system goes live.

The Gauteng Freeway Improvement Project includes the introduction of an Open Road Toll (ORT) system which will be implemented along Johannesburg's highways. The ORT will be operated via electronic toll collection points which will read motor vehicles that have been fitted with a transponder in the number plates.
This will allow images of a motorist's number plate to be captured electronically as a vehicle passes through the toll with the toll fees being debited off the motorist's account. 
The tolls will be operational by April 2011 with toll points (gantries) placed approximately every 10 kilometres along most of Gauteng's existing freeway network, with a total of 42 gantries on the Gauteng e-tolling network.

 The highway tolls are estimated to cost a motorist 50 cents per kilometre with a proposed discounted fee applicable for frequent users; however this is still to be confirmed. By calculating the approximate distance travelled on the tolled portion of the highway for a day journey to and from work, the following information below provides an estimate of toll fees a motorist could incur.  

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