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14 November 2010 at 14:33 - Posted by Anonymous

Why South Africa is ripe for revolution


Rise up South Africa. Rise Up.

Reading the press and listening to dynamic young people I come into contact with each day, I can only marvel at the huge gap between the government in power and the youth of this land.

So many bright new minds are out there, trying hard to carve a life out for themselves and I can only imagine the despair they feel in their hearts as they watch their leaders destruction, instead of building a great country.

Malema and the ANCYL does not represent our youth

The youth league clearly shows that it has distanced itself from being a role model for the youth and that it's agenda is solely based on power and the luxuries that come from it. Malema himself shows no shame in attending parties for R700,000 for 60 guests while townships are still waiting for basic services. Yet the ANCYL will exploit the situation in Khayelitsha to provoke the masses into a violent protest and even attack buses with children inside. But they fail to mention that in the 14 years that they were in charge of the province that they failed to resolve any of the service delivery issues there.

What the ANCYL also fails to mention is that the DA were only meant to supply one enclosed toilet per 5 homes - but in discussion with the residents, they delivered a toilet for EACH home on condition the residents would enclose the toilets themselves.

So in other words the ANCYL would rather discredit their opposition and put children's lives in danger to gain political  power. We need leaders who would look at the service delivery in the Western Cape as a challenge and rise up to BETTER it in other provinces. It could become a drive for excellence and a focus on winning votes based on performance.

But no, this is not the way the ANC works. Theirs is a policy of cadre deployment - giving completely unqualified people important positions - then rewarding them when they fail or protecting them when their criminal activity is found out.

This is a government only aimed at self enrichment. A government driven by greed and drunk on power.

The ANC is characterized by corruption. Tenderpreneurs are milking every living cent out of the government coffers and destroying your future. And the ones who need to be the most concerned are the youth of this land.

The government receive billions of rands in taxes each year, the tax collection department is much more effective than the services delivery department. In fact the one thing that the ANC government has proven to be very effective at, is the collection of money from the South African public. Whether formally or informally through bribes.

BEE never worked. It failed. Just read the writing of Moeletsi Mbeki to understand how this damaged our country. BEE and the appointment of under qualified people into important positions has led the hikes in the electricity rate and the toll roads being erected on the roads in Johannesburg and Pretoria. These are prime examples of bad planning, for which the good people of South Africa must now pay for. What else are we paying for?

BEE was simply the cement to ensure tenderpreneurs could flourish and fill their pockets. It was a vehicle to remove the legitimate competition and open the floodgates to the cash flow. Again I remind you that this is the cash that was meant to improve your life.

If you want more of the same, vote the same as you did last elections. if you want change - then it's time to change the way you think and the way you vote.

Take the emotion out of voting.

When you cast your vote, the only question you should be asking is - will this political party perform and will they serve me? After all you are voting for a public servant, you are not casting a vote for a pop star to win some singing competition. When the party you voted for wins the election - you need to feel certain that they will make a difference if your life.

My aim now is to ask everyone I come into contact with, who they plan to vote for and why? Why should it be something only mentioned behind closed doors? Bring it out into the sunlight - let's debate with one another and ask questions.

If you have people working for you - I challenge you to sit down with them and ask them who they are voting for and why, if you work for someone - ask them the same. Ask your friends, family and colleagues.

And most importantly - ask yourself how many false promises have been made - and how many more false promises will be fed to you before the next election. But if a free t-shirt is all it takes for your vote, perhaps it's no wonder we feel doomed.

In many cases today, the youth are better educated than their parents, and the youth should speak to their parents and tell them who they should vote for to ensure a bright future for them.

We are shareholders in this land and just as you would sit and discuss an investment - let's really discuss where our votes would gather the most interest.

It is time for South Africa to rise up

This country is being held to ransom to higher taxes with reduced service delivery. Money that should be used to improve your life and the lives of those around you are instead being used to make your leaders wealthy. These men and women drive big cars, live in big houses with high walls and security. You live in a small house, you have no public transport, no free education, no access to adequate healthcare and you have no protection from crime.

Your government are public servants. They are there to serve the public. So next time you vote, think what you are voting for. You understand this - now pass the message on.

Revolution of minds

Times have changed. Consumers control brands through what they buy. Technology spreads ideas like wildfire and it's through technology that this revolution will happen. This will not be a revolution in the streets, but in the minds of people who influence change. Send someone an e-mail, sms or Tweet it.
Let's start the fire.

Rise up South Africa, rise up.

By A South African (skin colour completely irrelevant)

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