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23 May 2012 at 17:47 - Posted by Anonymous

WW2 vet beaten to a pulp


Beaten and strangled, for what?

WW2 vet beaten to a pulp

According to a World War two veteran, Friday May 18 was the day he will never forget in his life, as he was beaten almost to death by an intruder in his Rosettenville home.

His ordeal began on Thursday May 17 when an unknown immaculately dressed white male came to his house. He said the man was outside shouting the name Ian.

"Ian used to stay here and I told the man that he no longer lives here. Then the man asked if he could look at one of my cars, a Passat. He also offered to come the following day to have a look at the car," explained the veteran. Contact numbers and names were exchanged and the man left.

"On Friday around 15:30, I came  home and the same man was at the gate. He said he had the money for the car but I told him that he must rather come on Sunday when my son-in-law will be here. However, he insisted that he needed to give me the deposit because he will misuse it. Without  doubt I let him in," said the vet.

The veteran went through to another room in the house to find something to write on as the man insisted on getting a ‘receipt’ for his deposit.

"As I was going to the other room, the man tapped me and when I turned he smacked me so hard, I fell on the ground, face down and in seconds he was on top of me. He tied my hands behind my back, also my feet and then he assaulted me. He hit me in the face several times and demanded the pin code of my bank card," exclaimed the veteran.

By now he had been gagged and his head covered when a second person entered the house. He was then strangled with a woollen cloth.

"The beatings were unbearable and I gave my pin code. The one man left to withdraw my money while the other stayed with me. My phone reported an amount of R1 000 had been withdrawn.

When the man returned he was cross, saying I gave him the wrong pin numbers, then the beatings resumed. He asked for four Krugerands which I don’t have. They ransacked the entire house looking for jewellery and a safe, they also took my microwave, cellphone and wallet with all my cards.

I’ve never been ‘hit’ like this in my life.The fact  I never saw this man before puzzled me. How did he know that Ian lived here and that I have a car in the yard.

After four hours of torture I was helped by someone who heard me shouting from inside my home. I finally contacted the police but didn’t get any assistance from them.

In the end I phoned Telkom and who I spoke to said they’d get help for me but no one came. My daughter took me to the doctor the following day and also  to Moffatview Police Station, where I made a statement," he said.

The veteran’s stolen bakkie is an apple green Opel Corsa, registration JBF 668GP. 

Police are  investigating the incident.

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