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07 May 2011 at 14:32 - Posted by Anonymous

You can stay in a shack for the rest of your life - or you can change to DA


You can stay in a shack for the rest of your life - or you can change to DA

I really love South Africa. I love its people. From the colorful accent of a Cape colored, to the strong hands of an Afrikaans farmer who feeds the nation, to the incredible spirt of people who live in poverty yet remain amazingly joyful.

I love my fellow South Africans as we work hard side by side to make a country that has a future for us and for our children. This is the rainbow nation and my father is Nelson Mandela. 

This land has beauty in vast amounts. It has a climate that is stable and warm. It has resources that the rest of the world want.

Our country has all the right ingredients to be so much more. Unlocking that potential lies in the hands of leaders who are qualified to provide service delivery and unlock financial prosperity for all.

The chasm between rich and poor has only widened in the hands of the ANC. Feeding crime and hatred. Creating a climate of fear which is milked for control.

But I really hate the ANC

I hate their greed. Ministers who are unqualified and only placed through favoritism. I hate the fact that they make false promises to get votes out of the uneducated masses. I hate the fact that they thrive from crime and lack of education.

I hate their leaders who only aim to fill their pockets while the people they are meant to serve suffer in agony. I hate that they feel they do anything the like with no accountability. 

I hate the fact that they lie and hide behind excuses and secrecy. Knowing full well that they are ill equipped to hold their positions and steal taxes for their own excesses. 

So as we lead up to the local elections, I ask you, my red blooded fellow South Africa. I ask you my hard working friends to stop being a pawn in the sick game of the ANC. I ask you to encourage everyone you know to vote on 18 May - and to vote DA.

Spread the word. Share a moment with a co-worker or an employee. Tell them why its important to vote DA. 

Tell them they can stay in a shack for the rest of their life - Or the can change to DA.


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