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# About Turn It Around

Let me start by saying it has taken a lot of hard work to create this website, So thank you for visiiting and becoming a member. 

In order to make our neighbourhoode safer we need to link up and watch out for one another. We need to make our neighbourhoods a no-go zone for criminals. Make then feel very uncomfortable and they will target another area.

Why Report Crime incidents here?

Central Databse - By reporting and mapping out all crime incident on a central database, we can start to share and understand crimes. Security companies and law enforcement companies have access to this information as well. 

Alert you neighbours - As you report an incdeint on TIA - it is emailed to other members living in the area to ensure they are made aware of the crimes around them. At the same time thse incidents are fed to our network and province twitter feeds. 

Be Aware - Map can be studied to understand the crime in your area and how best to prepare yourself.