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# How it works

What is a Network?

A Network could be anything from your townhouse complex, to a suburb or even a university campus

Map it Out - Our entire system is map based, so you simply map out your network on a map and then you invite others to come and join the Network.

Invite Members - Once you have created the Network - invite others to become a member - but joining a Network is permission based - users have to be approved by a Network manager to become a member of a Network. Managers can also kick people off a network. This way you can control who is a member of the network and control who you share news and information with.

Assign Managers - When you create a network you become the Network creator and you can assign other people to help you manage the Network. It's all about teaming up with your neighbours, no need to do it alone.

Controlled News - You can post news items to your Network and control who sees the news you post - choose to share only with members of your local Network - or publicly with the rest of South Africa. Share any news you like from a pothole in your street, to a local CPF meeting, a school fete, sports news or a multi-million rand corruption deal you have uncovered - anything!

Communication - You can send out Network Alerts to your network via E-mail, Twitter and SMS. Let everyone know what is happening in their Network area at the touch of a button.

E-mail - Sending out e-mail on Network Alerts is by default the most common and is entirely free. The upside is that more and more people are now receiving e-mail on their mobile phones, so it's becoming almost as instanteneous as SMS.

SMS - The most reliable way to reach people instantly. The only drawback is that it is not free. In order to send out SMS-es to your Network, you need to pre-buy credits through your Network Control Panel. SMS-es are sold at 0.23c per SMS.

Twitter - Twitter is the new "walkie-talkie" for crime prevention and your Network news. All you need to do is create a Twitter account for your network and then get others to follow it. It's free to join Twitter and sending and receiving Twitter tweets is so cheap that it's virtually for free.