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5 December 2017 at 12:37 - Posted By: Libertarian

ANC vote NO for the Health Promotion Levy



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Dear Mr Mohai,

Over 95% of South Africans who commented on a Facebook page linked to this issue do not support a sugar tax. Mr Mohai, we call on you to please ensure all ANC MPs in the NCOP vote NO to the Health Promotion Levy. We are sick of the hidden taxes like the charge on plastic bags at supermarkets: we question to what extent it has that changed behaviour, and wonder where has all of that money collected gone? We fear that the tax on sugary drinks will be the same.

We need to educate people about diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, not impose a tax that may not even change the behaviour of the most vulnerable.

Democracy should reflect the will of the people, and we do not believe there is widespread support for a tax as proposed.

Tags: #SugaryDrinksTax, #SugarTax, #Democracy, #HiddenTax

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