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19 January 2017 at 12:03 - Posted By: ktmoyakhe

Mzansi Magic's Lockdown's Episodes Are Too Short


Goal: Unlimited

Date: Ongoing

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Mzansi Magic's Lockdown is a very entertaining female prison drama series. It is frustrating that we can only see 30 minutes of this show every week.

People of Mzansi, let us gather as many signatures as we possibly can to show support for the show and to compel Mzansi Magic to flight this show for a minimum of 1 hour every episode. If we, the people, are forced to survive on 1 episode per week, the least Mzansi Magic can do is to ensure that we are properly sated every week.

Rise Mzansi Rise! Let us come together to ensure that Ma-Z and Tyson are not denied the freedom to express themselves for periods longer that 30 minutes.
Tags: Lockdown, Mzansi Magic

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Khululekile Moyakhe
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