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29 May 2015 at 10:11 - Posted By: Anonymous

SA will Take it no More



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Date: 31 August 2015

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Dear Mr President.
Do you realise that your constant making jokes, in parliment and any othre state of the nation address, is blatantly disrespectful. Do you realise that because of you, our Country is falling apart. Do you realise that you disregard of the law, that you lecture us to abide by, is the reason crime has increased so drastically. Do you even understand the true meaning behind being the president of a country?
You blame apartheid for the problems in the country today. However, do you realise Mr President, that it has been 20 years since? Do you realise that we, the people, live happily in the company of each other, and it is only because of you, that the word apartheid still exists?
Mr President, your country is falling apart beneath your very feet, and your jokes prove that you just do not care. As long as you have millions of rands to squander, bribe and abuse, you are happy. Your presidency has demolished a once beautiful country. Your rule has reopened the apartheid wound, an almost unnoticeable scar has become a gushing, gaping cut, that once again, will need to be tended and rebandaged. All because you are a selfish, greedy little man.

Taken from the Bill of Rights and Constitution Act:
Affirmative action means taking positive action to protect or help a person or group who has been prejudiced or disadvantaged in the past. People sometimes call this 'fair discrimination'. Section 8 of the Constitution allows affirmative action. It accepts that if we want to achieve equality it will be necessary to take positive steps to help undo the imbalances and disadvantages for individuals and groups that were caused by discrimination and oppression in the past. But, the circumstances of the person or group must justify the affirmative action.
That means Mr President, that all those unemployed people, be it Black, White, Pink or Blue, would all now fall under the Affirmative Action clause. As due to Affirmative Action, there are a lot more people without work, without an income to provide for their families.

You Mr Zuma, are NOT my president!! I will not allow you, or anyone else, to ruin my life, or that of my children, so that you can be a non-deserving rich man and thief by trade. Our children deserve the right to a good life, and you are taking that away from them.

And, as a citizen of South Africa, by right and by birth, I request that Mmusi Maimane of the DA, take your place in the presidential chair. We have had enough of corruption and crime. Its time you stood down!
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