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11 September 2017 at 12:04 - Posted By: 57a2ndAveTower

Stop Cellphone Tower at 57a 2nd Avenue, Inanda -



Goal: Unlimited

Date: 13 September 2017

20 People

Apparently Mr James Scott, owner of 57a has given Telkom/Openserve permission to erect a 15 metre mast just inside his property, next to 2nd Ave boundary.
Immediately affected neighbours were not approached by Mr Scott for consent.
It is felt stongly by some that this should be stopped. We don't know what the long terms effects of high powered radiation will be on people and especially their children living in close proximity of this proposed tower.
Action is required NOW, as this tower is going up this Wednesday.

Address: 57A 2nd Avenue, Inanda, Sandton, South Africa

GPS Co-ordinates: -26.12276 28.05081999999993

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Tanya Bruggemann
Susan Grinyer
We are against the building the building of this Telkom Tower
Litigate property owner. Greed $$
Paul Bruggemann
Outrageous! Possible health consequences. Adds to urban blight. Will effect property values. Who wants to live near or under a cell phone tower? I don't what to sit in my garden and look at an ugly tower.
Frances Bolttler
We are totally against the cell phone tower being erected for safety and radiation ! And their house is for sale ?
Warren Bolttler
Lauren Tunstall
At first, I didn't appreciate what health consequences the tower could have. I haven't had an opportunity to investigate this so still don't know. It is unacceptable that the families on the street have not been consulted on the erection of the tower and it's potential health consequences. This potentially affects not only the kids living in our street but also the kids attending St Davids. Proper consultation must be followed and requisite approvals obtained before the erection.
Brendan Grundlingh
As I direct Neighbour with children I have not even been notified. Outrageous and not within the law
Phillippa Grundlingh
This is totally unacceptable. Neighbours should have been duly notified so that we could say NO!! I have 3 children living in close proximity and don't want them being damaged by radiation caused by a tower of this nature!!! ANGRY!!!!
I was not consulted about this and being a member of this community I am concerned about the environmental impact as well the health impact long term. I am also concerned that it will bring down the property value because of the stigma attached to these high frequency masts.
Ivan Schlapobersky
1) The proposed structure is some 8 meters higher than the surrounding houses and school buildings. In a suburb which for decades has carefully guarded height restrictions. 2) We do not know the effects of transmitting from such a tower on the health of ourselves and our children. 3) This was done without consulting the residents in the street.I venture that NO-ONE wants it except Mr Scott. And what does he care, he is leaving the suburb anyway. 4) You are introducing ugliness into a beautiful and unique suburb
Keith Eldridge
No need for this need for this tower to be in our street.I am against it
Joanne and Stephen Dallamore
I do not think do not think it is necessary to erect this tower in our street . For what purpose ?
Ingrid Beekhuizen
Stuart Ausmeier
I first want to get the facts and the costs vs benefits. I am currently neither for nor against.
Stuart Ausmeier
I do not want an ugly cell phone tower in my street.
Ivan Schlapobersky
Must be stopped!
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