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7 April 2015 at 13:03 - Posted By: AfricanBrothers

Stop The City Council From Closing Us Down


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The African Brothers Football Academy is faced with a court order from the Cape Town City Council to close the facility on the 16th of March 2012. After 5 years of successfully rehabilitating the once abandoned and derelict property of the Gardens Commercial High School sports grounds, this litigation against our existence rests on the premise that the area has been zoned for General Residential Purposes R4. Why did it take 5 years and a transformation of the space for this to be brought to light? The total cost for uplifting the facilities, to date, amounts to +/- R3.5 million.


The ABFA Objectives:


Our Intention from inception was to develop a self-sustaining football academy to be utilised by the schools and the community. This has been achieved and now serves as a blueprint and working model that can be replicated throughout SA. The project has proven that civil society and an educational institution can work in partnership for the betterment of the community.

Our intent was never to break the law and/or disturb the surrounding neighbours. Our aim was to unite the community through football and provide facility that can be used by schools and the community. The project was initiated to improve city infrastructure. In 2006, project plans were presented to Gert Bam, Head of Sport, and Vernon Seymour, the Chairman of the South African Football Association, to receive endorsement for the project.


Uplifting The Community:


  • This facility caters for +/- 4 000 voters, taxpayers, ratepayers, football enthusiasts and students that can utilise the facility at a reasonable fee.


  • People currently using the facilities are aware that their contribution assists with football development in schools, NGO’s and youth in the community as well as the upkeep of the facility.


How did it come to this?


  • Noise complaints


Some neighbours surrounding the premises have complained about noise produced by people using the academy facilities for recreational enjoyment, notably: playing football.
ABFA have since consulted Mackenzie Hoy Consulting (Acoustics Engineers) to propose solutions in order to appease neighbours that are disturbed by the recreational activities taking place. As per the SA National Standard SANSA10103(2008), ABFA must establish measurement and rating of environmental noise with respect to annoyance and to speech communication.


Currently the Academy operates until 20h00. The SANSA definition of "Daytime" is 06h00 to 22h00.


ABFA have communicated with neighbours over the years to ensure they are aware of activities taking place and they have observed the development over time.


  • Incorrect zoning


Due to the property being zoned for ‘General Residential Purposes R4’, we have applied to the City Council for an extension and the correct zoning. Given our obvious commitment and dedication to improving the city and the facilities available to the community, it is unfathomable why we are given 3 weeks to close, not realising the impact on the community and stakeholders committed to this project.


Your vote can help us encourage an extension of our eviction notice time, allowing us to operate during the re-zoning process.


Add your name to this petition or contact us at
Visit for more information.

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It's the only place to get a decent 5s game!
Riyaad Osman
Sean Julies
I support this initiative 110%, the community needs more amazing projects such as this!!
Jenny Calder
James Bredenkamp
Its a football court! Its benefits everyone
Henk Gouws
This is a great course. Provides great stress relief in the city and noise is contained between 5 and 7pm. Not a big worry.
Outlawteddy Outlawteddy
I am really eijnyong the video posts! I find that it makes more sense to me being able to listen while watching the animations.My only suggestion would be to imbed them in your posts. It would be more convenient for readers not to have to click through (and you might be losing people who don't want to click through).Thanks for sharing your expertise with us! You are a precious resource to those of us in the PNW, even if KUOW is completely oblivious to that fact.
Kyle Lane
Don't close the courts!!
Alexander Gaillard
Reece Beaumont-Thomas
Reece Beaumont-Thomas
Clare Johnston
We need to protect our public open spaces from greedy developers. To quote Joni Mitchell, are we going to allow them to 'pave paradise and put up a parking lot?'
Jaco Roets
developmental projects like these save taxpayers money, and revitalises spaces for active citizenship.
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