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Incident #7263
Motor vehicle theft


## Witbank, Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga
17 May 2014 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
“There is no way you can move the scooter out from in front of the car, they must have lifted it,” said Ms Mona McDonald.

On Saturday morning, thieves entered the McDonald’s yard, first covering the gate light by placing a jean jacket over it. They then stole the Puzey Storm 150 scooter belonging to McDonald’s daughter.
“We had locked the gates and our dogs always bark when someone comes near our yard, but this time they didn’t,” added McDonald.
The scooter is registered to HBR616MP and is currently circulating as 2465844.
“The first thing I do when I wake up in the mornings is open the curtains and that’s when I noticed the scooter was gone,” said McDonald.
McDonald added that the thieves had left the cover which covered the scooter at night, and had left behind the jacket used to cover the light. Police have taken both items which will assist in their investigation, along with a footprint left in the garden.
The community is requested to keep an eye out for the stolen scooter and is asked to report any suspected stolen goods by calling the Witbank Police on 013 655 5000.
Source: http://witbanknews.co.za/15221/thieves-lift-scooter/...
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