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Incident #7439
Attempted robbery (business or residential)


## Pell Street, East London, Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape
12 July 2014 at 04:40 - Reported by Anonymous
Attempted theft of a Nissan 1400 in Pell Street at approximately 04:00 this morning. I woke up to the sound of the bakkie's alarm being deactivated while we were still in bed. It then went off straight after that, which possibly sent the would-be thieves on the run because of the noise of the alarm. At that time, hubby checked outside and saw nothing in the yard itself. However, he said there was a 1 ton open-backed diesel bakkie idling at the corner of Pell Street and Kelvin Grove that took off like a rocket as he approached the driveway gate. Possibly the getaway vehicle.
We only noticed that the vehicle had been broken into when we tried to start it this morning and discovered a screwdriver tip had been broken off in the ignition, preventing the key from going in properly. That was when we realized the attempted theft. It has been reported at Beacon Bay SAPS.
What was odd however, was that not one of the dogs on the property even barked, as our one is normally especially alert...
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