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Residential robbery


## Steyn Avenue, East London, Eastern Cape, Eastern Cape
12 August 2014 at 12:11 - Reported by Anonymous
Seeing that no main stream media (newspapers / radio news ) wanted to share the story , here it is again : Elderly East London man injured in house robbery yesterday , it is believed that a suspect was shot and wounded by the victim before fleeing the scene ....
Yesterday at 12:11pm
They broke into our house in Steyn Avenue about 2/3 hours ago with bolt cutters while my dad was at home. They wrestled my dad and stabbed him in the hand and my dad managed to get his firearm and shoot the one, we think, in the stomache, but they ran away. Police arrived shortly and are now looking for them. My dad is ok but in pain, stiff and sore. The one who ran at him with the knife told him that he did plan to kill my dad. Thank God my dad is ok
Source: Crime Spotter Buffalo City...
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