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## Modelpark, Witbank, Mpumalanga, Mpumalanga
30 October 2014 at 13:15 - Reported by Anonymous
In the quiet suburb of Model Park a violent crime shocked the neighbourhood on Thursday, October 30 at 13:15.
Ms Heleen Jansen van Rensburg (36) was busy in her house in Susanna Street, when her son said he heard a noise inside.
When Mrs Jansen van Rensburg went to check on the noise, she walked down to the main bedroom to find the suspect already in the room.
He managed to break a window and climbed through the burglar proofing. The man threatened Mrs Jansen van Rensburg and told her that he was going to kill her.
Mrs Jansen van Rensburg fought back, but the suspect stabbed her 12 times all over her body and he also scratched her with the knife.
“During this time, my three children came running from the lounge to see what all the noise was about. My wife kept pushing them out of the way so that they did not get injured as well,” said Mr Johan Jansen van Rensburg.
“Before the suspect left the house he grabbed two cell phones, a watch and locked my wife in the main bedroom.”
Bleeding profusely from her 12 stab wounds, Mrs Jansen van Rensburg was left in her bedroom.
The oldest son managed to unlock the bedroom door and the panic button was pressed twice.
A woman from a school approximately 100 metres away, heard the alarm go off and came running to the house.
She noticed that something was wrong when a child opened the door for her.
The house, where the suspect entered through the bedroom window and stabbed Ms Heleen Jansen van Rensburg 12 times with a knife.
The house, where the suspect entered through the bedroom window and stabbed Ms Heleen Jansen van Rensburg 12 times with a knife.
She saw Mrs Jansen van Rensburg had been stabbed and needed urgent medical attention.
She stood in the road and tried to wave down motorists, but six cars passed without stopping.
Eventually the seventh car stopped and two women jumped out to help.
One woman started working on Mrs Jansen van Rensburg to stop the bleeding, while another phoned the police and the ambulance.
The ambulance arrived on scene and Mrs Jansen van Rensburg was taken to Life Cosmos Hospital.
She was taken into theatre that evening, where doctors stitched her up and a drainage pipe was inserted into her right lung as it was punctured by the knife.
“Under the circumstances my wife is recovering well. They removed the drainage pipe from her lung and her wounds are healing nicely,” said Mr Jansen van Rensburg.
He said the children are still a bit traumatized.
Source: http://witbanknews.co.za/31152/children-watch-mother-stabbed/...
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