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Incident #7907
Assault with intent to inflict grievous bodily harm


## Gulu Place, East London, Eastern Cape
17 February 2015 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
This elderly gentleman who resides at Gulu went to Gulu Mouth this afternoon to simply look at the sea. This is what happened to him. He was attacked by three youths armed with bricks and knives. He fought back and stabbed one in the head. They stole his bakkie and his wallet and all his keys. We suspect his left arm is broken (smashed by a brick) and he was also smashed on the head with a brick between 3-5 times.
He has severe lacerations and is in terrible pain. Fortunately he was not stabbed in his upper body. He had to walk back to Aqualea, at Gulu all the way from the mouth in this condition. No-one stopped to help him. I rushed him to St Dominics. He may have to go for a CT scan to check his skull. He handled it very well, he was very brave and was completely awake and aware of what was happening around him. We are looking for his bakkie. It is a Bantam Bakkie, white with black fishing rod roof racks, reg. no. DNX194EC. Please share the hell out of this post. He is currently at St Dominics Hospital and all we can do is hope that he will be ok. A life-changing experience for everyone involved. DO NOT GO TO GULU BEACH ON YOUR OWN. SIMPLY DO NOT.
I want to set up a group on FB and on Whatsapp so we can arrange group beach walks. There is safety in numbers. Again, please share this post. I believe, with the power of FB we can catch these criminals.


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