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Incident #8045
Residential robbery


## Brits Street, Meyerville, Standerton, Mpumalanga
28 July 2015 at Unknown Time - Reported by Anonymous
Another home invasion left the victims without their television and money in Brits street, Meyerville in Standerton this morning, 28 July.
According to Leticha Myburgh her husband Paul went to work, he locked the door behind him.
As her friend came for a visit, she reprimanded her to be careful and to close the door.
She did not know what her friend was on about.
The crook gained entry by forcing the door open.
According to her, as she turned around she noticed that the television set was gone and with further investigation she could not find her wallet.
“What bothers me the most is that the criminal was in my house, with me and my children in our bedrooms”, Myburgh said.
“Me and my husband work very hard for what we have and it makes me furious to think that someone just came into my house, without permission, and have the audacity to take goods that do not belong to them”, Myburgh added.
Earlier this morning, in the same street, another home owner noticed an unknown man in her yard.
She switched the kitchen light on, with that the suspect fled.
“In one jump he got over the wall and was gone in no time”, the woman said.
In both incidents Kasselman Security was very quick to respond.
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Please Note: This is a Google Maps Street View of the approximate area where the crime occured. It is not necessarily the exact address view of the crime.