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Incident #8069
Attempted Theft


## Robins Road, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape
03 August 2015 at 14:10 - Reported by Jenny_Calder
At 2pm a maroon mazda stopped over the road from me where my neighbour's blue mazda was parked. 1 occupant, coloured male middle-aged. I work from home so see and hear everything in the street as my room is quite close to the road. I peeked out, didn't think it was too suspicious even though I hadn't seen the car before. At 2.30pm as I unlocked the front gate, the man in the car jumped out of his car and went to knock on the door of the neighbours to whom the blue mazda belongs. I called across the road and asked him who he was looking for and why he was there. He made up a story about a water leak he had been sent to repair. He then got into the car and drove off. At that point I was going to write the number plate down but was distracted by another neighbour. When the wife returned from work at 5.30pm I asked her about the water leak. There is no water leak. My deduction is that it was an attempt at stealing the car for parts as his car was identical. This is the same car that an attempt was made on Friday. About 20 meters from the horse-box.
Source: previously reported by myself on google groups...
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