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Residential burglary


## 23 Cook Street, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape
21 February 2015 at 02:25 - Reported by Jenny_Calder
The Scott, Cook & Grove Whats App alerted me at 02.38 Saturday 21 February 2015 of a burglary just taken place at 23 Cook Street. A burglar climbed over the wall in Grove Road, removed a small glass pane from the burglar barred bathroom window, opened the window and in moving a table knocked a glass item to the ground which alerted the dogs and woke the residents. Ops was called and arrived speedily, Alida and I too and SAPS was called thereafter, but nothing seemed stolen.

After all activities died down I got properly dressed and started a patrol at 2 am scouting the area. At 2.50, standing on the Robins/Polo intersection, I noticed a person in grey tracksuit with a drawn hood, cross over Polo into Cook Street. I immediately ran to the Campbell/Grove intersection upon which I heard a car alarm sound in Grove Road. Noticing two men dressed in dark clothes on either side of a black Jeep on corner Cook & Grove, I flashed my torchlight at them thinking they were the vehicle owners as they seemed to have switched the alarm off. They then closed the doors and walked towards Polo Road, I checked them from the Campbell corner seeing the grey track-suite guy also walking with them up into Polo turning into Donne, and in following them I saw them going up Rochester and they turned to Salt River along the Main Road, all the while them walking in casual mode. During this time there was no answer on the SAPS patrol vehicle cellular, I then radioed the OPS and saw their vehicle moving up Polo. I stopped the OPS vehicle, told the driver briefly re the Jeep and pointing to the 3 suspects, the driver checked the 3 at the Polo/Donne corner and then drove off. My call to SAPS 10111 resulted that another SAPS vehicle was sent but the 3 perps were long gone. My call also to the Saps Shift Officer to complain re the unanswered call I learnt the SAPS vehicle was at a shooting which had happened in Nuttall Road,

Checking the unlocked Jeep, the cubbyhole was opened and some items thrown out. We came to realize that the Jeep belonged to 23 Cook and also learnt that a handbag with car keys were stolen during the burglary from the house lounge area. Discarded cubbyhole items were later found by Craig and I on the Polo/Cook corner but no trace was found of the handbag. SAPS found a discarded phishing pole on the opposite corner. Its was clear deduction that the burglars came back to the house to try out the car keys on the Jeep

Later the morning the Jeep keys were picked up in Rochester Road by a passerby who then kindly phoned the SAPS and the keys were recovered. A SAPS case was to be opened and finger prints to be taken from the pane of glass etc, the cubbyhole items and the vehicle etc.

Great thanks for Alida's assistance to the Whats App Alert and to Craig checking for checking after hearing the Jeep alarm sounding,who then incidentally saw the 3 guys passing his home. Thanks too to OPS and SAPS respectively for their attendance.
Source: previously reported by a neighbour on google groups...
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