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Incident #8074
Theft from property


## Robins Road, Observatory, Cape Town, Western Cape
15 January 2015 at Unknown Time - Reported by Jenny_Calder
On the night of 15 January / early morning of the 16th, our security camera / intercom system at our front gate in Robins Road was stolen off the wall - wires cut and the camera janked out. A bit of a pointless exercise as it was a fairly old system, and the camera is useless without the central unit. As you cannot buy the intercom unit separately we have to replace the whole system. Just a word of caution to anyone that has a camera unit that is accessible from the street to secure it properly. Apparently there are anti-theft brackets available, although I have not managed to track one down yet.

Any advice on where one can get hold of these brackets ?
Source: previously reported by a neighbour on google groups...
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